The idea was simple. We would introduce the FX original series by scaring people in their own homes. If you watched Season 1 then you know the house was a character unto itself. We began by calling for fans to sign up online. They were asked to list a collaborator who knew their movements. This person was our point of contact for staging their encounter. When they least expected it, they would come face-to-face with Rubber Man. It was ambitious, bold, and frankly, a little risky. We carefully blocked the scare with hidden cameras but, honestly, we had no idea what was going to happen. Fortunately everyone survived and the campaign helped propel AHS to a strong series premier.
The on-air promo to hype social sharing. There were only a dozen likes on the AHS Facebook page when we started. There are now over 10 million. Of course that has more to do with Ryan Murphy's brialliant mind than my efforts over the first three seasons, but I was there. 

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