Super Bowl 50 is coming to the Bay Area. Chevron wanted to inspire the next generation of scientists by staking claim to an overlooked aspect of the game – STEM. This touring footprint presents a fully interactive place to learn about the science and technology of football and celebrate the unsung heroes of the game.
The experience inspires football fans to self-navigate touchscreens that dig into the science of football. I named the career content "STEM MVPs" and decided on five careers that shape the game: structural engineer, broadcast engineer, kinesiologist, virtual lab director, and data scientist. I created content that allows fans to delve into the complexity of a winning professional football team. The careers are illustrated in text and graphics.
The experience is currently touring the Bay Area leading up to Super Bowl 50.
"Career Kickoff" is driving social engagement from inside out. Inspired fans decide on their favorite career and receive a photo of themselves with professional attire superimposed. The hashtag #stemmvp is trending.

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